Monday, August 24, 2015

Last week in Chicago / Tour Info / New Music / ETC / All Love

So much is happening, so little time left in Chicago <3

My last show will be on Saturday, August 29th at 4pm (sharp) at Victor Montanez' Open Studio. The art show itself is not child friendly/parental discretion strongly advised. Here's the link:

Open Studio Performance

Followed by shimmying and shaking at the Messaround at Rodan. Hope to see you there to say goodbyes.

So what happens after I leave Chicago?? Lots. First, I'm heading on a mini tour with my duo YsOs, and then moving to LA. 

About YsOs:

YsOs (Young Stellar Objects) joins the musical forces of Scarlet Monk and A. Billi Free to create and craft rich layers and intertwining harmonies. Their soon to be released debut project "Secret Magic" breaks down their favorite covers from the 90s and 2000s into minimal grooves laced with heavy vocal textures and elegant melodies. The minimal self-production and plethora of vocal layers on the tracks present a dream playground for qualified rhythmic risk-takers and bass-addicts to interpret, re-imagine and remix.

Tonight we are releasing our second single a cover of Raphael Saadiq's "Still Ray":

Stay in touch here:




We have a few shows lined up in Las Cruces (NM), El Paso (TX) and Phoenix (AZ) but are up for a few more!

And last but definitely not least: I just released a solo EP of all original music "Happy Accidents Inc.":

"Happy Accidents Inc. is about embracing the element of "play" in creating, which is now often neglected while looking for a clean, marketable product. All music and art work was created and performed by Scarlet Monk and all "mistakes" throughout the process have been considered with care. This album is the documentation of an artist of learning new software, testing new ideas, going with hunches, and leaving a lot of room for other artists to change up and contribute."

You can support my move/tour/adventures by purchasing a copy. You're able to adjust the price as you see fit. Buy it here:

And as always, stay in touch. Pick your poison:


Miss Monk

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